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Hey guys,

Check out my page for some cool and interesting images on different objects,frames,sticks and posters. Would appreciate if you guys can give a share if you can.
I can even use your images and photos to add to some of these. ( photo got to be in High Res for larger prints ) . It'll help me out in being able to afford some upgrades to my van.

If you got any questions feel free to message me.

Here's my shop link : Esculor Shop | Redbubble

And here's a guide for any image you want in larder frames or posters ;

Wall Art & Greeting Cards
Greeting Cards:

1300×900 pixels (1 megapixel) more info on cropping, borders and aspect ratio for cards here
Framed Prints and Stretched Canvas:
2400×1600 pixels (4 megapixels) for the small print
3240×2160 pixels (7 megapixels) for the medium print
3840×2560 pixels (10 megapixels) for the large print
Metal Prints:
Extra Small – 2400×2400 pixels
Small – 3200×3200 pixels
Medium – 3600×3600 pixels
Large – 3840×3840 pixels
Extra Large – 4800×4800 pixels
2500×3500 pixels for the smallest print
3500×5000 pixels for the medium print
5000×7100 pixels for the large print
Photographic Prints:
2500×3500 pixels for the small print
3500×5000 pixels for the medium print
5000×7100 pixels for the large print
1300×900 pixels (1 megapixel)
Calendar images:
2182×1906 pixels for the months
2371×2875 pixels for the cover
Art Prints:
3840×3840 pixels will cover all sizes up to extra large.
Art Prints dimensions can change, floating your different shaped images whilst the paper sizes remain the same.
Acrylic Blocks:
4×4 & 6×6: 1860×1860 pixels
Long T-Shirts:
2875×3900 pixels
Premium T-Shirts:
2875 × 3900 pixels
Mens Graphic tee:
3873×4814 pixels will cover the printable area.
Womens Chiffon Top:
3711×3814 pixels for all sizes.
Womens Contrast Tank:
3870×4280 pixels for all sizes.
Womens Graphic Dress:
4020×6090 pixels for all sizes.
Womens A-Line Dress:
6310×6230 pixels for all sizes.
4350×4032 pixels for leggings.
5748×5748 pixels for scarves.
5,848×6,300 pixels
Pencil Skirt:
2152×2502 pixels for pencil skirts.
Mini Skirts:
2152×2502 pixels for mini skirts
Stickers & Home Decor

600×800 pixels for small size
1100×1100 pixels for medium size
1700×1700 pixels for large size
2800×2800 pixels for X-Large size
(The file must be a PNG for transparencies to be saved. We recommend uploading a file with the maximum pixel requirements (2800×2800 pixels) to ensure your design is available on all 4 sticker sizes)
Phone Cases & Skins:
1187×1852 pixels will cover the printable area, however you can resize larger images to fit
iPhone Wallet
2087×1956 pixels
Laptop Skins & Studio Pouches:
4600×3000 pixels will cover the printable area, however you can resize larger images to fit
Please note slight cropping of the image on the smaller pouches will occur
Laptop Sleeves:
4125×2956 pixels for all sizes
iPad Cases & Skins:
2696×3305 pixels will cover the printable area
Throw Pillows:
2188×2188 pixels for the small pillow
2438×2438 pixels for the medium pillow
2788×2788 pixels for the large pillow
Floor Pillows:
4625×4625 pixels for the 36″×36″ pillow
Tote Bags:
2175×2175 pixels for the small tote bag
2625×2625 pixels for the medium tote bag
2950×2950 pixels for the large tote bag
Drawstring Bags:
2475×2775 pixels for drawstring bags
Duvet Covers (125 max DPI):
8570×11250 pixels for the twin duvet (including bleeding)
11000×11000 pixels for the queen duvet (including bleeding)
13500×11462 pixels for the king duvet (including bleeding)
2700×1624 pixels for tall mug
2700×1120 pixels for standard mug
2376×2024 pixels for travel mug
Spiral Notebooks:
1756×2481 pixels for spiral notebooks.
Hardcover Journals:
3502×2385 pixels for hardcover journals.
Wall Tapestries:
13500 × 11462 pixels for all sizes
2940×2940 pixels
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