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your gonna like this

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well i got me a sub finally. had a friend of mine that had a 10'' sub and a 500Watt amp built in that he had and didnt use. i was thinkin it was a kicker pioneer or somethin. i got over their and it was a FORD factory sub box and amp bilt in. he said it was a rockford fosgate. i really dont know if it is or not. has no markings. so he sold it to me for 50bucks. got on the internet and seen where the wires went from the 6 pin connector (which came with it and about a foot of wire) hooked it up and sounds AWESOME. cant belive it sounds as good as it does. so if your in a junk yard or some where look for a eddie buyer explorer, or a king ranch ford truck.
their really isnt a way to mount it. so for the moment i got the seat belt in place strappin it down. thanks for lookin. any comments would be appericated
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