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Finally changed my OE Long Trails for a set of 275/65-17 Yokohama ATS. $760 out the door at Discount Tire in NW Houston.

I'm in a 2008 King Cab LE with 67,300 miles.

First thing I noticed was how QUIET these tires are. The Long Trails are a no terrain tire and they were noisier than these. The noise these do make is lower in frequency but not an irritating rumble.

They track differently (not neccessarily worse, just differently) than the Long Trails and the turning resistance as you move from straight ahead to 1/2 turn left or right is decidedly not linear. First bit of turn is completely effortless with almost no feel for center. Resistance goes up dramatically as you increase the tire angle.

These tires look OK, not as aggressive looking as the BFG ATs but a nice step up from the pure street tire look. The added width of the 275's brings them flush with the fender flare which I like. The slightly greater diameter corrects the factory speedo error to put my in-cab reading spot on.

No clue yet on traction, but living in Houston wet traction will get tested soon. One interesting side note on the Long Trails was that the siping is not full tread depth and so when it went during the last few months the remaining large blocks-only tread gave essentially NO wet road traction. That's what finally got me to make up my mind and get the new tires.

(pics will come later)

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