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New here, looking to join the club! I was trying to work a deal on a frontier all day today.

I need a reliable 4x4 to get me through the once in a blue moon icy snow type days down here in TX! And to haul my dirtbike (KTM), and just truck stuff in general, and I've settled on the Frontier. My daily is an accord, so this will compliment it nicely!!

I wanted to join to tap into the wealth of knowledge here and get a definitive answer to a question I have, as it will ultimately decide which truck I buy tomorrow. Does the 2017 Crew Cab manual pro 4x have a m226 rear dif? From what I understand, the King Cab does but I'm not even sure about that, the info is different depending on who you ask. I used to be a jeep guy so I can appreciate the dana 44 over the c200, and would like my truck to have it.

I truly can't wait to get the truck, is it gonna be a CC or a KC is the question lol!
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