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Hey whats up guys. I've had my 01 Frontier KC 4 cyl 2wd 5 speed for about 6 years now. I replaced the rear shocks on my gf's car because they were rattling, felt the difference it made so i got jumpy and bought front and rear monroe shocks for the fronty and replaced them. Noticed that the rear end turned stiff as hell. Got up under the truck and noticed that my leaf springs had zero curve to them, they just sit flat almost. I don't think they are made to be that way (correct me if I'm wrong) because every other leaf spring I've seen had some curvature to it. Really got me going when I saw in the 1st gen FAQ that I could basically lift the front 2" for free, I'd just have to get either some new leaf springs and shackles, or if the old ones are worth saving just get an AAL set and some shackles possibly.

Ohh yeah, almost forgot. I noticed in the front that the gap between the LCA and bump stop is smaller on the passenger side than the drivers side. I didn't measure it but I could tell the spacing wasn't the same just by eyeball alone. It seems as though the torsion bars are still factory set. Could my passenger side torsion bar be twisted/failing? If so should they be replaced? I didn't really inspect the torsion bars, so I guess maybe I should. Any help is very much appreciated, thanks!
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