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I have been using two bike blocks mounted in my utili-track since I got the truck. This setup worked fine and was extremely minimal but I disliked that my road and mountain bike prevented the tailgate from closing due to their length. If I scooted the rear over a bit I could close it but it looks silly to me and my need for symmetry prevents me from doing this.

That being said, I set out to find a rack that would satisfy the following needs.

1) Allow the tailgate to remain closed when in use
2) Not take up usable space in the bed when the bikes are loaded
3) Be easy to remove if necessary
4) Be secure (able to be locked during install to prevent it from being stolen)

What I ended up going with was the Yakima Bedrock. I ordered the kit new on ebay for $130 ($200 retail at Yakima dealers) with the expectation that I would cannibalize the load bars and bike trays from my wife's old Yakima roof rack. I didn't bother measuring the load bars and realized pretty quickly that I should've since they were too short. Dang.

Option 1 was to purchase new load bars for $90 which didn't appeal to me. Option 2 was to find some on Craigslist which I tried for a few weeks with no luck (lots of load bars on Craigslist but most were in the 48" or 58" lengths - I needed at least 62" to span the bed and lock into the mounts. Option 3 was to DIY them. I chose Option 3.

The load bars from Yakima are slightly larger OD than 3/4" schedule 40 steel pipe is. The schedule 40 works fine as is for attaching to the Bedrock mounts since they have some teeth in them that drive into the bars when tightened, but most Yakima accessories will not clamp tight enough to them without shims. After doing the math I went down to a local steel supply and bought 10.5 feet of schedule 40 steel pipe which they cut it in half giving me two 5.25" lengths. I sanded them, shot some self etching primer on them, painted them black, and let them dry.

Once I mounted everything up and shimmed my bike trays I am happy to say that it is nice and secure and the load bars cost me around $8.00 and a little of my time and paint that I already owned instead of $90. Also, the end caps from Yakima fit them as well.

The only negative I see so far is that to haul anything large that sits above the sides of the bed, I will have to remove the rack. It comes off easy though, so I am not too worried about it being a consistent hassle.

Here is how it ended up.

The kit as it comes from Yakima

The bars before prep and paint

After sanding and priming

After painting


With bikes loaded

Usable space in the bed when loaded
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