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:confused: Has anyone had any experience with the XO Vision In-Dash Double Din 7" Wide Screen Touch DVD Receiver (XOD1750).
Good :goodjob: or Bad :crikey: experiences.
I want to put a double din in dash dvd player in my new frontier, and I know a lot of people have said they liked the pioneer. I know a lot of people will probbably say not to buy the " cheap walmart crap" but honestly it doesnt look all that bad. Specifically I would like to hear if anyone has ACTUALLY had one and their experiences good or bad. not "my freinds, brothers, cousins, dogs, nephews, owners, inlaw, had one and it was nothing-but-problems".:thatswck: but specificallyfirst hand experience.

I just cant find a better price than $200 for all that it offers
-(from xo vision website)

# 7" Touch Screen 16:9 Display
# DVD/DVD-R/Divx/MP3/CD compatible
# Built-In USB and SD Card Inputs for Music Playback
# Fully Motorized with Angle Adjustment Via Touch
# AM/FM Radio with 30 Presets, Auto memory, Preset Scan
# Backup Camera Input
# 4 x 45W Max Power Output
# 4 Channel RCA Pre-Outs Including Front, Rear and Subwoofer Output
# Fully Functional Remote Control includes convient Mute Button
# On Screen Display allows user to modify the Brightness, Contrast, Hue Definition
#Multiple Video Formats
This unit not only plays burned DVD's and Karaoke CD/DVD's, but it can also play MP3 and MPEG-4 formats which make it ideal for the technologically savvy consumer or anyone who wants the freedom to play almost anything on their system. The backup camera input makes hooking up a camera both easy and convenient. The USB and SD Card inputs allow you to play MP3's right off your phone or flash drive - it's that easy! ZpodLink provides iPod® and iPod® Video playback through your vehicle sound system via a direct connection between the iPod® and In-Dash unit. (Included). Radio, Karaoke, Movies, Jpeg Viewer, Crystal clear sound - this unit has it all!

(again, not to be redundant or :censor:, I dont want to hear someone who has never used the product badmouthing it just because it came from walmart :sickly: I get enough of those warnings that never pan out:crikey:.)
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