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Xentec Bi Zenon HID High Low not switching

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I just put in my HID conversion and the lights look great, except when I go to put on the high beam the light does not change. The packing slip and the box says "9007 bi xenon" I noticed that when I put in the HID bulbs that the are spring loaded and can be pushed into the socket about 1/2 inch. I am assuming that this is how the high beam in that correct? I hooked up a relay harness. The HID bulbs had a 3rd wire which I connected to the wiring harness's high/low switching lead. Any ideas on why this is not working and if I am correct on the method of the high low mechanism. THanks!
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Yes, that movement you feel is how the bulbs change from Hi to Lo...a magnet in theback of the bulb unit pulls it in and out. Now in regards to the kit you received, did it come with a box called a Hi/Lo controller? If you purchased a relay with the kit (which you shouldv'e) there should be 4 "boxes". 2 ballasts, 1 relay, and 1 Hi/Lo controller which is roughly the same size as a ballast. If you did not receive this controller, you will not have the high beam function. Now ANY bi-xenon kit should come with one, so either you ordered the wrong kit or they shipped the wrong kit out to you. Either way I would check the instructions, provided the kit came with any, and call the company back. Which company did you order the kit from?
I have a "china brand" HID Bi-xenon kit that I bought from a local dealer. I had the same problems that you had, but i read on the forum that there are three wires on the connector on the HID kit that plugs into the stock harness that need to be switched around. All you need to do is to poke them out using a small screwdriver like the 1 for eyeglasses. I had to try about 3 times to get the right combo but i eventually got the high beams to work.

Edit: I have the "9007 Xentec 6000k Bi-Xenon HID kit"
Yes these certainly need to be hooked up right. When I installed mine, I had the Hi/Lo wires reversed which gave me Hi when my control stalk was on the Lo setting and vice versa. All it took was a simple switch of the wires and everything worked. It doesn't make sense though because that's different then the OP's problem. Unless he connected the Hi wire from the HID kit into another port then the Lo one on the stock harness.
I too read that post and switched around the two positive wires going to the original switch plug. That did not help any. If if makes any difference I when the lights were on I took one of the positive wires out of the switch plug and the low beams went out. I then went and switched on the high beams and the light went on but it did not magnetically pull back like I have seen. So I am thinking that something is wrong with the magnetic switch. I did drive around once it got dark and I thought that the light looked terrible. Very inconsistent from left to right...meaning that it would be bright for a spread of about a foot, then not as bright then bright. This was on both the left and the right. My brother has a 9006 HID kit and the light dispersion is even and bright. I think that the 9007 having part of the bulb covered up is having reflective issues. I will be returning this kit and leaving my original lights alone. But thank you for all of your help!
When you pulled the one positive wire out of the switch plug and your Lo beams went out that would indicate that you had the lights wired up correctly. You're probably right in your diagnosis of a faulty magnetic switch, but there could be more to it then that (Hi/Lo controller). As for the quality of the light, did you purchase a 35W kit or a 55W kit? This will make a big difference in light output. The stock reflectors in these trucks aren't bad for dispersing the light evenly, so there shouldn't be that noticeable of "hot spots" like you were describing, unless you had the 35W kit which will be far dimmer then the 55W counterpart. I know I have a 55W bi-xenon 6000K kit from DDM tuning and I have been more then happy with both the brightness, and light spread. Sorry you've had a bad experience with HID's, but I think a lot of it comes down to where you purchase your kit from.
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