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Xentec Bi Zenon HID High Low not switching

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I just put in my HID conversion and the lights look great, except when I go to put on the high beam the light does not change. The packing slip and the box says "9007 bi xenon" I noticed that when I put in the HID bulbs that the are spring loaded and can be pushed into the socket about 1/2 inch. I am assuming that this is how the high beam in that correct? I hooked up a relay harness. The HID bulbs had a 3rd wire which I connected to the wiring harness's high/low switching lead. Any ideas on why this is not working and if I am correct on the method of the high low mechanism. THanks!
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I think I read somewhere that when doing an HID conversion to get both a low and high beam (that is HID) you have to get a high and low beam kit. A lot of HID kits come only in the low beam thus you will only get HID when your low beams are on... Maybe?
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