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XD addicts, 285/70/17 and a 2" PRG spacer lift?

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hey, im currently running a 2" spacer/block lift on my 05 fronty (evnetually going to radflos or an ez lift setup and add-a-leafs).

im looking to get the 17x9 XD addicts with 285/70/17 nitto terra grapplers.

does anyone know if these will fit? im currently running stock wheels with 305/70/16 grapplers and i only rub turned all the way to the left.
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The new set-up will be skinnier and slightly smaller so you should be fine. The real part is the rims which idk how they will do. Some push out the tire and causes rubbing issue while turning.

What are the specs on the 17s?
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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