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WTS 2010 OEM Pro4x wheel/tire combo

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All 4 16" Pro4x Wheels, TPMS, OEM 265/75R16 BFG Rugged Trails w/ factory nitrogen.

2000 miles new!

$900 for everything

possible part out...

$600 for 4 wheels
150 for 4 TPMS
400 for 4 tires
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no problem, i will have pics this weekend. They are the machined face with gunmetal accents. Tires look in :excellent: condition
where are you located? I'm assuming those prices do not include shipping?
Outside of Denver, CO

Prices do not include shipping
I have a few pictures of the wheels and tires. My Blackberry camera is NOT good for great clear shots, but you get the picture of what they are. To my knowledge there are no scratches on them. Also NO curb checks or off-roading on these at any time. I actually think there is still some existing tire shine from the dealer when I bought the truck in October. They are currently in an interior storage unit (where the pictures were taken).


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Wow, that's a GREAT looking truck...:)
still available? approx. shipping charge for wheels only to nj?
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