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WTB: Shrock Winch Bumper and/or Radiator Skid

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As the title states, looking for a used Shrock Winch Bumper and/or the front Radiator Skid. I'd prefer the center "prerunner" hoop only on the bumper. The better shape everything's in the more money I'll pay (of course.) Shipping is not really an option so I'm more than happy to come pick it up, reasonable distance of course. For something like this, my definition of a reasonable distance is 300 miles one way, give or take.

If anyone has a bumper or skid (would like to get both at once) they don't need anymore please PM me or post below.

I know this one is a bit of a long shot but I want to have the front, rear and armor all done before winter, which means with the rear bumper coming in probably Sept, even if I submitted the order today for the front it'd be into November before I'd get it. Thank you!
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Really looking for the Shrock radiator skid to complete the set. Have cash in hand. If you've got one you can part with put a price on it.
Anybody? The bumpers are $1100 new, offering up to the $800 range for one in excellent shape.

I know this is a real long shot.
The radiator skid I'm not so worried about. I sent an email to Jim at Shrock yesterday hoping to get an honest time frame for a brand new bumper. It's going to be a gift split between my parents and girlfriend. It's not that I mind waiting 6 months for it, it's that if I ordered it now I wouldn't get it until the snow was flying and then would have to wait until spring to put it on. So, in lieu of that, it would get ordered in October/November for Spring delivery. I was hoping to have all the protection done before winter (the best laid plans...)

If I get a new one, the skid comes with it. If I wind up getting a used bumper the skid may or may not come with it so an NXRocks skid would be fine.

Jeff - Has anyone ever ordered one from 4x4 parts? I read they might keep a few on hand so the wait time wouldn't be so bad but I also read that even ordered from them it's built to order at the time the order is placed. There is a part of me that would rather just deal with Shrock directly if I'm getting a new one.

Andrew - I posted this thread in the hope that someone was getting rid of their truck in the near future and wouldn't need it. You still want yours, I wouldn't ask you to take it off just to sell it for the sake of selling it, that's ridiculous. Thank you for the offer though.
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Jim can't give "honest" timelines. What ever he claims, double it and that's about the time frame you are looking at.

Don't get me wrong, his products are great, but he cannot give accurate dates. You will just have to order it and forget about it. Hell most the time he doesn't even let you know when your order ships.
That's what I'm afraid of ordering a new one. I can't get it shipped to my work since we have a 200lbs. limit on deliveries (we're an office.) The sliders and rear bumper came in under that weight so they were able to be shipped FedEx. The front bumper has to go on a truck so I would get it shipped to my local Mom & Pop type garage around the corner, but I need to be there when it arrives. All of that is a major reason I'm looking to get a second hand one where I can just go and get the damn thing.
Ok, so unless someone fiends to sell their bumper in the next few days it looks like I'll be ordering a brand new one the beginning of next week. Hopefully I'll get it by October... Probably more like December. Thank you for the responses guys!

Oh, anyone who ordered a Shrock rear bumper, they're apparently going to ship the end of July.
A little off topic but check with your local UPS store, when I had the grill guard shipped(freight cause it was oversized) I was able to have it shipped to the store and they'll hold it for like $5/10 a day, something like that. Not sure if the weight of it causes an issue but that might be an option.
Good call, I'll check that out. Do you know if they'll hold items shipped by outfits other than UPS? I don't know who Shrock uses to ship truck freight, could be any of the trucking companies as far as I know.

EDIT: Talked with the guys in my shipping dept. I can get it shipped to work after all. Going to order a new one beginning of next week. Thank you for all the replies. Mods, this thread can be closed.
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