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WTB: Right OEM steering knuckle (spindle).

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I bought my 2011 Equator 2wd with slight front end damage. I need the passenger side OEM steering knuckle. I included the term "spindle" in the title in order to expand the search results.

If you have one, that would be great. All I ask is that you please don't offer to sell me one if there's any chance that it has been compromised in any way...because quite frankly...karma can be a real *****.

I'll ask that you include a pic of the part and also the donor truck.

Thanks guys. PM me with what you have.


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Wow, that is super helpful. I found one locally using their website but the business is closed today. I'll go there on Monday, 12/4 for a follow up. Thanks so much!

BTW - If they still have the one I need in stock, you may have saved me some cash over what I was expecting to pay elsewhere. We'll see.
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