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Looking for a Bank 1 Pre-cat if anyone has got one.

Gimme your price, I don't want to pay full price to nissan... parts from them are dang expensive. Nissan's giving me a fight with warranty cause I have a title history on my truck ( yes, got my truck for wicked cheap ).. I don't know if the federal emission law can over-ride nissan's policies or what though.

Okay, well, while my truck had a ground wire issue from rust on my main ground junction... causing my ignition coils to not function correctly... thus causing unburnt fuel to dump into my Bank 1 pre - cat ... The cat is starting to rattle now and my P0420 code pops up more often now than ever and I should probably get this fixed for maximum efficiency. The Pre -cats looks like they unbolt and bolt right back in so it can't be too hard of a job to do mysef.

Thanks a bunch and very merry christmas!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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