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WTB M205 front Diff

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I am looking for a M205 front Diff with a 3.36 gear ratio so if you are selling one let me know. Thanks!
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good luck in your search. i have been searching for over a year. looks like stealership is the only way
yeah I think buying new is the only way I heard there was one in HI..
I will be honest with you I would buy a new one if I knew where to go. I can't find any website that lists it. I alos need the V8 pathy axles
try performance motorsports on long island they have a good deal with smithtown nissan and have a good chance they can get it for ya.
i have the diff just dont have the 3.36 gears in it..lemme know

they seem to be very competitive online for nissan parts. just print out the price and take it to your local nissan dealer and see if they'll match the price.
There's two available in Canada supposedly. The one from the 2008 might have the right gears.


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The 2nd one on that list is less than an hour from me. I may call them and get a price. I don't care about gears, 4.10s are soon to be released for the M205 that will match the 4.10s for the M226.
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