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WTB: light bar, bed cleats, bed extender, PRG spacers

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I finally bought a 2016 pro4x Fronty CC/SB and would like a few accessories, if anyone has them to sell. I am looking for:

1. A White Rhino front light bar.

2. Bed cleats - purchased.

3. The Utili-Trac bed extender - purchased.

4. A pair of PRG (or similar) 1.5"-2" front lift spacers - purchased.

5. Roll up tonneau cover (like Extang, etc.) - purchased.

Shoot me a pm or post here if you have any of these items to sell.

Thanks in advance.
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I believe I have two cleats that I don't really use anymore. I have a full set already.
I let the other two go for $40 + shipping. They are the old two piece style, in which they actually tighten down better than the single piece units.
If intersted, let me know. I'm in Georgia.

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