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WTB: light bar, bed cleats, bed extender, PRG spacers

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I finally bought a 2016 pro4x Fronty CC/SB and would like a few accessories, if anyone has them to sell. I am looking for:

1. A White Rhino front light bar.

2. Bed cleats - purchased.

3. The Utili-Trac bed extender - purchased.

4. A pair of PRG (or similar) 1.5"-2" front lift spacers - purchased.

5. Roll up tonneau cover (like Extang, etc.) - purchased.

Shoot me a pm or post here if you have any of these items to sell.

Thanks in advance.
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Unfortunately My truck is "used" with 3k miles on it and the origional owner didn't leave them in the truck when it was traded in.
I would be in on a group buy, if someone gets one going. I had a bed extender shipped when I had my Titan and it wasn't bad. They do come apart into pieces to ship fairly small. Xichlo, if you want to ship it, let me know.
Still looking for these items.......
Anybody have the cleats to sell?
Which ones do you have? Height?
Benchwarmers, you have a pm inbound.

R00, if you decide to ship, let me know. I know they break down somewhat for shipping.
Cleats purchased. Still looking for the rest.
Still looking for the rest of the items.
Bed extender and spacers purchased.

I am still looking for a front bumper light bar and a tonneau cover.
Still looking for the light bar. Anybody have one to sell???
JettyLife...sent you a pm.
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