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WTB/ driver side mirror

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Needing a mirror, if ya got one I'd like it
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I don't have one for you, but [email protected] hooked me up big time for much less than I was quoted elsewhere. Another option is to check local junk yards.

Also, you might want to specify if you are looking for the entire assembly, just the glass part, with a motor, heated, etc.
Yeah if you need just the glass part I paid about 45 for it at the dealership, that is going to change from dealership to dealership, but it is cheap. I didn't even know it was replaceable but it is. A friend busted mine out with a beer bottle awhile back while he was drunk and trying to throw it out the window.
I need the whole shabang...canoe tried to go back to river without me and for some reason needed a mirror ??? :(
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