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I have cash. Just don't see the point in paying mortgage payment for a brand new camper when my truck is already a decade old. I have a 2007 Crew Cab shortbed (61', I think).
Looking for a hard shell or Softtopper within ~300 miles from Houston, TX. doesn't have to be anything fancy. Also willing to pay for shipping if buyer is willing. I know Greyhound has decent rates for shipping large objects (shipped a hood through them some years ago).
To answer the impending plethora of "Just look on CL" replies: I have been looking for months. I have several long trips coming up in which I'll need a camper for my dogs and gear in the back. I've seen several on CL, but they're all for the 6ft bed or for the Gen 1. Starting to feel some pressure with the timing crunch.
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