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wtb 6disc changer

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not sure how much one of these bad boys cost. but i want one.
i have my stock one. calmini bumper. i have trades.

just want the 6disc changer with mp3.

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there's two different ones andy, the 6 disc out of the KC's has an internal amp, the ones out of the CC's (which are labeled Rockford Fosgate) do not since it has external amps under the seats. if you have the single disc cd player right now, you want the one out of a KC, which would be my assumption
sweet! who has one of those?

i have a sub im going to run off an amp. will the other one work as well or whats the story with it? i just want to have my ipod connect to it. but i want to keep the stock head unit.
lots of threads about this in the A/V section andy, best way is a LOC (line output converter) but there's other ways too
lol you just dropped some knowledge man.

uh anyone have one:)?
I've got the CrewCab Rockford fosgate 6 CD MP3 changer, but... like posted above, I think it absolutely requires the external amplifier (which I am still using in my truck).
i have a few of those. could you explain a little more on this. if it has to have an amp thats fine. does it have to have some special sex on your face nissan amp?
i have one but im in aus would the radio be compatible?
i have mine in my truck right now but ill take it out and put my Eclipse back in for the right trade. mine is the RF from a CC so you WILL need to use an amp.

i actually have mine hooked up to an amp running my components and it sounds good. not as good as an aftermarket HU would but better then most stock HUs.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts