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WTB: '07 vk5.6 and transmission

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Looking for '07 up only for smog reasons and would prefer the ECU/Body Harness as well to make things easier.

Please let me know if you know of any available.
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hahaha. i see where this is going. sick man!!!
and so it begins :thumbsup:
:)WOW words cannot explain how jealous I am going to be when ur done with this mod just when u think jays truck can't get any better. Keep it up j good stuff
chris i believe?
Nfabs titan was trying to sell his too. i dont have his info anymore though.
Another vk mod, this will make it even easier when I do this in the future, lol.

I wish you luck and make sure you note any "special" modifications that you do along the way.
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