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WTB: 05-10 factory UCAs

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Im looking for a set of factory upper control arms from any 2005-2010 frontier. Thanks
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I've got a pair, they are heavy but i can get them out to you begging of next week make me an offer
Andy -

$599 for mine :p j/k

you going to fab some up?
I am gonna build some using the factory ball joints and see how it goes. Ive got a truck I can use to test them on. We are going to take it out to the desert and "Test" them. I will be able to find out if they will break. Most likely I will be offering a ball joint upper arm and a uniball upper arm. Give people some options.
im supposed to be receiving in some PRG UCA's and coil overs today. im in tucson so if you want mine you can have them. i should have my new stuff on within the next weekend or so. if you can wait about two weeks i might even be up in your neck of the woods.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts