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Wrp Ims

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I saw the thread from way back when, Anyone know where I can get my hands on one and the pulley??
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IMS.....good luck. Look in the by/sell section, someone recently had a pulley for sale. I think supertier also has some available
thanks, I take it from 2007 they have been a hard to find item now.
as for the pulley stillen is now making 2 versions try them
Now i'm having trouble locating the install thread. Anyone have a link??
WRPs are hard to come by but there was someone else who started making them on this site. I forgt who it was though. Was in the buy and sell.
Go over to the NewX and look up XTP IMS. There's a thread active over there.
Just an FYI guys, I believe he already has the IMS and the CP. I believe he also did a sparkplug change this weekend and installed the IMS, CP install in the future.
For those who need it I have the install guide for the WRP IMS,
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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