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Wrong color

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Made the mistake of driving through the Nissan dealership today. Wife was looking at new Rogues and I was chatting with salesman. Asked him when they were getting a new Titan gas model. He turned around and pointed there's a black one. Looked it over and then drove away. Got 2 miles away and the wife asked why I didn't drive it. She said she knows I would be grumpy once I got home for not doing so. (1 hour away) So I turned around and went back. I took it for a test drive and told the salesman if it was white I would probably trade my Frontier, Now I expect in a week I will get a call saying he found a white one.:surprise: Price was $44k. Wife says she wouldn't drive it as she can't see the front of the truck because the hood is too long. What did I do to my self now? LOL
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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