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Wrangler mt/r 265/75/16 w kevlar

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what should i be looking to pay for 5 of these tires? just want to know a fair price.
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welcome to the club, and totally not being a dick here but. instead of asking us and waiting for a reply, why not just go to discount tire or tire rack or any other major tire factory to see? within like 3 minutes lol
thanks for stating the obvious about going to the websites. i went to both tirerack and discount tire direct so i can see how much they cost. but then you have to pay to get them mounted and balanced. thats why i am looking for maybe what somebody else has paid as a fair price.
huh? what they paid is what you would be paying if you would buy online. try local tire shops to see if they have the tire that you want if your worried about having to pay for mount and balance.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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