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Would anyone like a write-up on how to replace the leaf spring bushings?

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I'm going to replace the leaf spring bushings on my 98' 2wd. It will be my second job, I have done it before on my old hardbody that I use to have. Not a hard job, but it does give back the old load capacity. I use my truck for work and it drops alot in the back with any load, hince the need to replace my bushings. I usually carry light loads, but still, it looks like crap when you put 500lbs in the bed and the front rides high but the rear is down low. So, does anyone want me to make a write-up about the process with pictures?
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i would
Please do! I did this on my '97 HB and the fronts were a real pain. Those had metal sleeves and had to be pressed in. Ended up cutting them out (very carefully to not cut into the spring) with a sawsall. The two part ones on the rear end of the springs were no problem at all... I seem to remember all four being two part bushings on the extended cab on the HB - so I hope that's the case on the Frontier as well.

I started yesterday but ran into a snag. I ordered the bushing kit from 4x4parts, but I ordered the wrong front sleeve. They asked me to check if I have the 14 or 12mm bolt. I measured the threads that show and they were 12, so I emailed them how I measured and they sent me the 12mm bolt. Well, the threads are 12, but the bolt is 14mm body. So, I have to get the sleeve bored out to fit the bolt. This only applies to the front. I don't see why 4x4 parts would not just include both, the metal sleeve they sent me was just a pipe cut to length. I will get the sleeves tomorrow from the machine shop and finish the job. I will take some pics on the process and post them up.
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