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WOT and 4wd

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I have been looking into getting a tuner and reading the threads that pertain to the subject and I thought of something.

Under the "Superchips installed and Reviewed" thread I was reading some comments on how maybe only the pickups have the WOT restriction due to their light rear ends. So...

Is the WOT restriction disabled on our frontiers while in 4hi? I have always thought the truck seemed a little more burly in 4wd off the line.

I think it would make sense because of the reduced potential to loose traction under heavy acceleration while in 4wd.

Maybe someone with a tuner could adjust their settings back to stock and test this theory, using the tuner as a throttle position monitor only, and see what you get from 0-40mph in 4wd.

I was just curious and figured there would be others interested as well.

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I just got a bully dog triple dog gt and was testing out the WOT and throttle position read out. Since I live in alaska, there is 6 inches of snow and ice everywhere so i did test it in both 2wd and 4wd and my truck did not get full throttle in either before I tuned the truck. After the tune, it got full throttle below 40mph. Hope this helps.
hmmm, ok. Thanks man. I appreciate the details.
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