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Wish I was a mechanic

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I just passed 81K on the odo after having bought this truck about a week ago. I am sifting through pages and pages of info these awesome forums provide (up to page 79 on the DIY forum) and am under the impression that the timing belt in this thing is gonna need to be replaced around 100k or so.

The problem is that I am not a mechanic by any stretch of the imagination (If I was able to see the repair being done and participate in it I could repeat it again from memory without a problem). But the problem lies in replacing something like this (or the KS mod as I have also read).

Besides the belt itself, are there any other parts that you would want to replace while having this done? (I have already read this is a good time to repl the water pump, belts and pullies) I am trying to compile a list of parts and then try to find a shop locally that could do the work.

Would love to DIY this but just have to face reality that I have neither the resources, nor the understanding to pull this off.

Apologies for the wordy post.
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While the engine is apart for a timing belt, I'd reseal the gooseneck (thermostat housing) to the block. This is prone to leak and is a real bugger to do from scratch. Not bad w/the front of the engine already down.
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