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My North-American-spec Frontier has the AM/FM antenna mounted to the cowl, on the right side, just aft of the hood. On the roof just aft of the windshield is the XM radio antenna.

I see in pictures of Navaras that at least some model years put the AM/FM antenna is located on the roof where my XM antenna is.

I was watching a video on youtube of someone replacing their antenna cable for their American Frontier, they'd damaged the mounting and had to replace the whole thing. Apparently the wiring enters the truck in the vicinity of the back of the right front wheel well, then runs up to the base of the A-pillar where there's a connector coupling, then the new wiring runs down through the dash and into the back of the radio.

So to my questions, now that all this is said:

Does the AM/FM radio wiring on the Navara with the roof-mounted AM/FM antenna have this same connector point at the base of the right-side A-pillar?

Is there an AM/FM/XM (or other satellite) antenna for this position, or is the antenna only for AM/FM (or some other band)?

My goal is to put an amateur radio antenna where the current cowl-mounted mast sits, and to use a relatively small, unobtrusive antenna for regular commercial radio located on the roof in that existing spot. I'd like to do it with as many factory parts as I can. The biggest thing is the wiring, because I'm leaning towards one of those shark-fin antennas like Nissan's Infiniti brand uses that have AM/FM/XM in one package, but if there's a Navara with AM/FM/satellite in one package with the correct wiring length then that might work best.
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