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Wiper Fluid Tank Access '06 NISMO

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My fluid tank has sprung a leak. How do you access it? It seems to be tucked up in the front fender. Just remove the screws holding the plastic in the wheel well?

Thanks in advance.
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I just looked at the service manual instructions for the 2010 - Im assuming the 2006 would be similar.. It says to remove the front fender protector to get access to the washer hose, sensor and motor connectors - and then there are two screws under the fender that need to be removed to pull out the tank.

Check your PMs.
Looks like 5 screws, a few of those push-clips and some grommets to take the protector off and no need to remove the fender itself. Dont break the push-clips :)
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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