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Winter Starting Problems

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The past few winters I've had issues with my 08 Frontier starting in cold temperatures in the AM. I ended up getting a better battery last winter that is for vehicles that use a lot of pull of the start and things have been pretty good. This am it was -22C (-7F), started the vehicle with the remote start. It didn't turn over the first time, but it tried again and it turned on.

I got into the truck and forgot to put the key in the ignition...crap. Put key in, turn it to start, it is firing, and sounds good and fast, but won't turn over. I try one more time before getting my booster to start it with my remote starter, and boom it starts.

Any idea as to why it starts no problem with my automatic starter vs they key? I'm also thinking maybe I need to get a block heater. It seems my truck doesn't really want to turn over as easily the past few winters. I had the truck checked for any electrical draw and things were normal, as well as the alternator.

thanks in advance, guys.
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I would def get a block heater at those temps. It might not be totally needed, but would help things for sure.

What kind of oil are you using? The other thing I would think is a must is a good synthetic oil for low temp starting.

I have forgotten to put the key in after using my remote start before, even in 30ish degree weather. I've noticed it doesn't like the shut off and turn back on right away deal.
Tomorrow morning try just walking out and starting it with the key. I would bet its the off/on that caused the trouble. Mine stumbles a bit doing that.

In those temps I would look for something like a 0w30 or 5w30 synthetic. I'm sure in either case the block heater would help but synthetics are typically better in cold conditions. Check out some pour tests on youtube with conventional and various brands of synthetic. While that isn't all thats important with an oil its sure something to consider.
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