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Winter Fun Fest 2017 - Jan. 13~15, 2017

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Cal4Wheel puts up this "snowy" event every year, and after having participated last year with a number of CF members, I'm inclined to go again in 2017, this time with 33's and a winch :) A rear locker would've been nice, but I probably won't have that purchased/installed by then.

The cost is $95/adult, all meals included from Friday night dinner till Sunday breakfast. One can camp at the event headquarters (Nevada County Fairgrounds, Grass Valley), or stay at nearby hotels; it's all very convenient.

There are lots of runs on both weekend days to choose from, from easy (SUV) to "extreme". Many family-friendly "historical" runs are also offered throughout the weekend, as well as night-runs, with the first one taking place on Friday after dinner.

Here's the link, with online registration, run descriptions, photos, etc.:

Winter Fun Festival - California Four Wheel Drive Association, Inc.

Last year's participants were JeniorNV, Tokentaco, jbumX2, RikRong, and myself... who's interested for 2017? I'll start keeping a list here:

Pathung 85%
JeniorNV 85%
SixspeedSV "maybe"
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I'm probably going again. It was a ton of fun this year.
Just wondering who is planning on attending at this point. My parents and I really want to do the historical run on Saturday, but we are undecided about Sunday. We'd like to register soon but want to see what our CF friends are planning on doing first. :)
Nice pics, Jenn!

Now there's a solid argument against Titan-swapping.
Yeah, it's ridiculous to have to spend 15 minutes cleaning windows (and door handles) just to drive safely after a trail run...hahaha.
Super photos Jenn .... The front bumper and winch look new on the Taco?

Yeah, those were added a month or two ago.
Looks like more snow (and mud) than yesterday? Nice!

I think that I saw that Xterra off of Brunswick, where my hotel was.
Quite a bit more snow today, and much deeper mud puddles.

The Xterra owner is on TNX. Nice guy.

Not sure if that was winter fun fest or winter mud fest. Have fun getting all of that out of the under carriage.
I'm really not excited about that. :(
An automatic car wash will take care of the exterior; as for the underside, find a flooded area (common nowadays), and FLOOR IT! Worked for me. ::laugh::

In my experience, this is going to be somewhere around $20-30 at the DIY car wash. We've had highs in the 30s lately. I think the truck can just stay muddy for a while.
1 - 10 of 29 Posts
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