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Winter Fun Fest 2017 - Jan. 13~15, 2017

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Cal4Wheel puts up this "snowy" event every year, and after having participated last year with a number of CF members, I'm inclined to go again in 2017, this time with 33's and a winch :) A rear locker would've been nice, but I probably won't have that purchased/installed by then.

The cost is $95/adult, all meals included from Friday night dinner till Sunday breakfast. One can camp at the event headquarters (Nevada County Fairgrounds, Grass Valley), or stay at nearby hotels; it's all very convenient.

There are lots of runs on both weekend days to choose from, from easy (SUV) to "extreme". Many family-friendly "historical" runs are also offered throughout the weekend, as well as night-runs, with the first one taking place on Friday after dinner.

Here's the link, with online registration, run descriptions, photos, etc.:

Winter Fun Festival - California Four Wheel Drive Association, Inc.

Last year's participants were JeniorNV, Tokentaco, jbumX2, RikRong, and myself... who's interested for 2017? I'll start keeping a list here:

Pathung 85%
JeniorNV 85%
SixspeedSV "maybe"
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Unfortunately, I'm going to have to miss this one. The wife is due at the end of January.?

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Congratulations! First one?
When we registered last year, we all called in afterwards and asked to get in Jenn's group. It worked pretty well, except when we hit the trail. They put a Jeep smack in the middle of us, I think because they thought we would have issues. We didn't have issues. Actually, there was no winching in our entire group, I don't think there was any towing either. We were on an intermediate trail, though. After talking to some of the guys that went on the expert trails, some groups had a heck of a time.

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Two of our rigs didn't have winches last year, and were on 32's... it'll be different this year, and hopefully they'll spare us the jeep in the middle of our pack.

It'll be good to have you, Eric; I'll note you down as a "maybe".
I think that I'll just be doing the easy stuff this year: Historical Tour on Saturday, and if we do stick around for Sunday, the SUV Run. It's nice that Monday's a holiday :)
I haven't even packed yet, but the truck's ready.

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Nice pics, Jenn!

Now there's a solid argument against Titan-swapping.
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More to come tomorrow!
Looks like more snow (and mud) than yesterday? Nice!

I think that I saw that Xterra off of Brunswick, where my hotel was.
I'm really not excited about that. :(
An automatic car wash will take care of the exterior; as for the underside, find a flooded area (common nowadays), and FLOOR IT! Worked for me. ::laugh::
Short video of Day 1 - don't expect too much action:
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