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windows/mud and dirt =?

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Went to a great off roading place last Sat and of course got nice and dirty, mud and dirt wasn't that bad but of course I had some on my windows, I needed to roll them down a few times for communication, but when it goes back up, you get the most horrible sound ever and I assume I could easily scratch the window or when i get tint it'll scratch that for sure.

What's the rule then when off roading? always keep your windows up? or if you do bring them down, don't go back up? or just deal with the screeching scratch sound?

I did clean everything up and rolled the windows down and cleaned the felt that the windows slides down on, but for sure there is dirt in my door and I assume others have this too
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It’s possible I’m doing this wrong, but I’ll roll down my window anytime I need to, regardless of whether it’s covered with mud. It will make the sound you are describing but that noise stops once the window is clean. I’ve been doing this for years and haven’t seen any long term ill effects. If I’m getting any mud inside the door, it hasn’t been a significant enough amount to affect the operation or quietness of the window going up and down (when it’s clean). The rubber doohickey at the top of the door seems to act as a squeegee - it will smear/catch the mud if it’s wet and leave it looking untouched if the mud is dry. I don’t worry about rolling down the window if it’s covered in water or snow either.

As a side note (not directed at anyone in particular), since I’m Titan swapped and my windows get muddy very easily, I carry a bottle of glass cleaner and a roll of paper towels when I am anticipating mud. Driving home with all the windows covered in mud may look cool, but it’s unsafe.
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