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windows/mud and dirt =?

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Went to a great off roading place last Sat and of course got nice and dirty, mud and dirt wasn't that bad but of course I had some on my windows, I needed to roll them down a few times for communication, but when it goes back up, you get the most horrible sound ever and I assume I could easily scratch the window or when i get tint it'll scratch that for sure.

What's the rule then when off roading? always keep your windows up? or if you do bring them down, don't go back up? or just deal with the screeching scratch sound?

I did clean everything up and rolled the windows down and cleaned the felt that the windows slides down on, but for sure there is dirt in my door and I assume others have this too
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For the most part, mud stays on the outside and I've not had any mud/gravel that was hard enough to scratch the glass... I don't wheel in diamond mines...

That said, I usually find at least 1 hole where I will forget to roll up the window before I'm into it, regardless of season. I still have some dust from a late fall trip.
I also carry a handfull of rags. always. good for checking fluids, cleaning windows, cleaning hands, napkins, staunching bleeding, ... its like a monkey wrench, a 1001 uses!

As for communication, I use GMRS handheld radios. and a mounted one in the truck for reach.

CB always lets me down when I least expect it and I haven't made the jump to ham. And now with the rule change, all handheld GMRS radios with permanent antenna are license free. They will transmit 5W. you can reach to the horizon (~5miles) barring terrain. If you choose to get a mobile station license is $70 and good for 10 yrs, no test.
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