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Will LCA's from a 2WD fit a 4WD?

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Looking to replace my lower control arms because I can't get the bolts out so they'll need to be cut out. I keep finding ones available from a 2WD 2nd gen. Will they fit my 4WD? Thanks.

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Yes, the 2wd vs 4wd arms are identical. However; I am pretty sure there are other ways to remove the bolt without cutting the arm itself.
I tried everything I could think of. Problem is the truck is my daily driver so If I try something and it doesn't work I have to be able to make the truck drivable again the same day. Having a second set of LCA's ready just in case is worth it for peace of mind.

the bolts get rust welded to the bushing and there is no way to get them out. I've tried
Yea mine did the same thing. They will not come out.
soak the bolts twice a day every day with PB blaster till your ready to remove the arms. that should free them up. had to do this on my jeep before doing the lift. if your worried about braking a bolt get a spare set of arms just in case.
I've been soaking them in PB blaster, not twice a day but I've done it. I'm not worried about breaking a bolt, I'll be replacing them with cam bolts anyway. I'm worried about messing up the bolts so bad I can't even get the nut back on or breaking the rubber in the bushing and still not being able to get it out. Then I'm down to a motorcycle or garden tractor, neither of which will get me to work.
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