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When I went to Discount Tire to get my 31x10.5s the guy wasn't convinced that 32x11.50 would fit on stock rims without rubbing and I didn't have the time to trim anything back then. I plan on doing 32s after I get a 3" lift and some differently backspaced wheels (I want -3.75). There is a thread somewhere on here of a guy fitting 33x10.5s after a torsion bar crank on stock wheels. The width is really what will cause the rubbing more than the height if you're on stock wheels.
Discount tire is normally good to try one tire on a rim and bolt it on the front and checking for clearance before the other three. They did this when I went to 31's on my stock height Ford Ranger a few years ago without hesitation.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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