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wich snorkel?

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:comphead:anyone know whats the diference between the calmini snorkel and the airworks snorkel? which one is made better? does anyone have either one installed? was it hard to install? I am undecided which one I want.
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I never heard on airworks.

Here are the snorkels I know of.

Here is the Safari Snorkel (ARB).

Airtech (TJM) Snorkel

Nissan factory Navara Snorkel

Airflow Snorkel

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The ARB looks good but has anybody got pics of the calmini installed and what is the diference besides an extra 100 bucks?
Calmini is selling the airflow.
which one is better made?
ARB snorkel looks best IMO. Someday I'll talk my self into getting one.
i still like the OEM nissan one the best myself

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Does anyone with fiberglass front fenders have a snorkel? I want to get one, but also want the fenders & Titan swap.
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