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Why does my SES Light come on when I put my Brute Force CAI??????????

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Whats up guys

I put on a Brute Force CAI on my V6 09 Frontier about a month or two ago, and ever since I put it on my SES light comes on! I have read treads here and have took it of and reinstalled it like 2 times already and followed all the directions on here. I have disconnected the battery and left it like that over night to reset the CPU and it clears the light but comes back on like after a week, I have also connected the scanner to the truck and erased it that way! Same problem good for about a week then light comes back on!!! My brother told me my sensor might be bad and to put the stock intake back on and see if the SES light comes on and if it does then then take to the dealer and get that fixed. Well its been two weeks with the Stock intake and NO SES light! So I'm guessing my sensors good!


Any suggestions or tips from any of you guys would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for read my Thread
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Yeah it is a Dry Filter.

The code that was read was 0191 or something like that, but in the manual the code said that the truck was running lean, my brother said it means that there is to much air getting mixed with the gas, but I dont have anything else installed in the truck! Does the intake really make that huge of a difference to suck in that much air to start making the fuel mixture lean?

Im pretty sure i seated the sensor good it was nice and snug and didn't wiggle or anything.
Thanks for all your info! I hope Johnnyman has the fix for me, he said he had the same problem!

Thanks for your solution! I'm going try that fix this weekend. Any specific type of RTV Silicone you use/recommend?

Thanks for your guys help, info and quick responses! Ill keep you guys informed!
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