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why does 4x4 feel like a locking diff?

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Yesterday on pavement , with it raining cats and dogs out I put it in 4x4 when leaving a parking lot, when reversing out of a parking spot turning the wheel the truck pretty much stops and doesnt want to go, its as if I had front and rear locking diffs as if the tires were stuck spinning the same speed.

Can someone explain this for me? I mean just because I put it in 4x4 shouldn't mean I lose limited slip, right?
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The inner tires turning in a circle go a shorter distance than the outer two tires and binds up the drivetrain.
Costco will not put two tires on my AWD Rogue because a new tire is taller than a worn one so they sell sets of four only OR he said bring the rims in and put them on the car yourself to get around it. Someone must have sued them for this to be company policy.

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