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Who has the Electric blue Frontier?

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I have been trying to find the post with the electric blue Frontier. Would the owner please contact me by private mail?

Thank you,

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The one I was talking about had a picture of his truck with his name. It really does not matter though. What I am looking for is a front view of an Electric blue Frontier.
If any of you have one send me a private message.

Thank you for all of the help,


Thanks for the contact. I was thinking it was an Electric blue KC, but the one you posted could be it.


Yes it needs to be a full front picture. One of the other forums is using a front view of a
Frontier in their logo and I thought an Electric blue would look better than what they are using. The administrator said to get him a front view and he would consider using it.

Thank you for all of the help.


That is a perfect shot and thanks for the research. I really do like the shot that gfronty05 added. If they have room that would be very cool. Now all I have to do is contact these people to see if they would like to do this and then get the photos on
the other website.


The shot SD_Frontier put on here is the view they are using as their logo. If you get
a photo you can download it to their website at The thread this is on is at the bottom of the page under Feedback, Help, & Ideas. Then go to
New logo and add the photo there.

It is a new forum and is still a little slow.

Thank you so much for your help on this guys.

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1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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