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I will be getting my JVC KW-XR810 HU tomorrow and once I open the box I will probably come to the conclusion that I want to upgrade the rest of the stereo as well.
Chances are I will run the DB651 components in the front and DB651 in the rear, haven't decided on an 8" or 10" sub to replace the RF junk but one of them will be happening.
What is a good bang for the buck amp or amps to use for such a setup? I have been out of the audio game for 10yrs, im lost. I don't need anything crazy, just want to have something that sounds clearer and tighter than OEM.

I appreciate any help & advice!

edit: I should also ask, what is a good subwoofer? I am fairly content with the overall "volume" that the RF's produce, just the quality of that sound is awful. Hard question to answer, I know, everyone has a different opinion on what sounds good. I don't mind hearing those different opinions though!
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