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Where could I find some 3.69 gears?

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I'm looking to swap my 05 Nisomo 3:36 gears to 3.69. First of all, anyone know if they are campatitble with lockers? (i would assume it would be since they would be from a manual Frontier) Second, is there any other place to get them besides a Nissan dealer? I have 33's and i'm looking to some of the power back and more since I'm still towing. I have been looking to get 4:10 but I don't know if I really need that much power. Thanks
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I'll side track this a little. Have you thought of installing an XTP intake spacer? it's quite a bit less money and helps move the power to the low and midrange rpms a bit. NOT a replacement for a gear change, but, a good stop gap. It helped get rid of that engine lugging I was having in the 35-45mph range around town.
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