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Where could I find some 3.69 gears?

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I'm looking to swap my 05 Nisomo 3:36 gears to 3.69. First of all, anyone know if they are campatitble with lockers? (i would assume it would be since they would be from a manual Frontier) Second, is there any other place to get them besides a Nissan dealer? I have 33's and i'm looking to some of the power back and more since I'm still towing. I have been looking to get 4:10 but I don't know if I really need that much power. Thanks
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rarely find just the gears. Typically you buy the whole axle assembly used and install that. Keep in mind with 4WD you will need both.

The 3.69 is the rarest axle around, and one of the most desirable (for the same reason you want one).

Whole axles are more expensive, but are easier to find. About the only time you will ever see a used set of 3.69 gears is if someone had a set and went with even more gear. But the extra expense does have benifits. You are not setting up gears, or more typically paying someone with the proper tools to setup your gears. It is now an easy axle swap.
4 banger automatic's come with 3.69's
Wrong housing, no locker
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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