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Where could I find some 3.69 gears?

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I'm looking to swap my 05 Nisomo 3:36 gears to 3.69. First of all, anyone know if they are campatitble with lockers? (i would assume it would be since they would be from a manual Frontier) Second, is there any other place to get them besides a Nissan dealer? I have 33's and i'm looking to some of the power back and more since I'm still towing. I have been looking to get 4:10 but I don't know if I really need that much power. Thanks
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From someone who changed gearing.
The factory gears are too expensive.
After market 4:11 would be better , cheaper , easier to obtain.
I have front and rear but cannot recommend with others available.
I have both ring and pinions , front and rear.
I also have a whole 4 banger assembly with 3;69 gears .
Made a mistake and bought ,then realized it was for a banger.
Will sell but the carrier, ring and pinion is still in the diff.
Installed a a separate diff I bought.
The cost of putting anything less than 4;11 is a waste of money for just a slightly lower gear ratio.
You don’t need a 205.
The only reason to run a 205 is to go lower than 4;11.
You can go 4:11 with a r180.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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