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Where are all the cheap 17" SC wheels?

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I really love my first Frontier that I bought new back in 2001. Other than the knock sensor I never had a single major issue with it. As much as I love it, I always regretted not getting the SC model just because it looked SO good. The glossy fender flares and the 17" rims really did a lot for what was already the best looking truck on the market! A few month ago I got lucky and found a 2002 XE 4x4 for $1200. It needed a new engine, catalytic converters, quarter panel and passenger door... I've dropped about $2500 to address all those issues and I plan to spend another $1000 on freshening up the paint and hopefully no more than $500 on some SC wheels! If anyone knows where I can find them for cheap....please let me know...I'll post a pic of my truck soon


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