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When to change O2 sensor?

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New to Nissan's and I can't find this in my manuals...Does anyone know the change interval for O2 sensors on the KA24DE Frontiers?

Truck runs fine with 65k but I know on my 4Runner it's suggested that they last about 60k.

A friend was telling me that usually the upstream sensor is the one to replace, the one after the cat isn't really a big deal.

When do you change yours?
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I changed the one on my '97 Hardbody at about 105K, a few months after I bought it. It was still flipping between lean/rich/lean/rich during the specified timeframe in the service manual - but I was getting less than 20MPG and I had already replaced the plugs, rotor, cap, wires, fuel filter, etc. Changing it got me over 20MPG. If you are monitoring your gas mileage closely, I would just change it if you notice an unexplained drop. I have found the OE direct replacments at Spark plug, Spark plug wire, spark plug gap, spark plug cross reference and ignition wires at by NGK and Denso to be excellent and are truely "direct replacements" for a much lower price than OEM.

I agree on changing the front (upstream) one - it's the one that the ECU uses to control everything. The rear one is just to make sure the cat. is working.

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