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Future Frontier owner here, looking for some advice on when I should purchase.

June, July, or August?

If I purchase by June 30th, I'll receive a $500 recent college grad cash rebate. However, I'm afraid Nissan might have greater incentives ($1000 or $2000) for everyone in July or August.

The prices I have been quoted here in Houston are right around or below invoice (based on Before any negotiation, I was quoted $20,998 for the following:

2005 Nissan Frontier SE King Cab (Storm Grey)
Auto Trans
Power Pkg.
Alloy Wheels
Floor Mats
Bed Caps and Bed Liner
Non-Sliding Bed Extender

For these options, Edmunds lists MSRP as $22,140, invoice as 20,705, and TMV (True Market Value) of $21,518.

I'm confident I can talk them down to $20,700 either through straight negotiation or by telling them I don't want the bed extender (I really don't, just something else to get stolen at my apartment complex).

Then add in the $500 Rebate; the final truck cost without TTL would be $20,200.

Does this seem like a good price, or should I wait until later in the summer for better incentives?

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Good price! Take advantage of what you know you will get now. Its not a guarantee that they will have incentives later. I guess its just a matter of how patient you are. All I know is I fell in love with my truck and had to have it right then and there. BTW edmunds helped alot with the price I think it is an excellent site for anyone looking to buy a new vehicle.
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