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wheels spacers

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what size spacers would be on the "safe side" on OEM pro4x wheels with stock height. does anyone have any idea? also who makes good quality spacers for our frontiers. thx
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I ran 1.250" spacers and am going to 1.750(need more clearance at bump stop mounts). I have no problems going with spacers this wide.
I use "Bora" spacers by "Motortech". They are more expensive than most and take longer to get(made to order) but I feel they are the best quality.
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This is for the rear of the truck. The front of the truck is 10" over stock so I don't need them there.
No, my truck does not ride like factory. It is not due to the spacers,though.
I would not worry about going to this width or even wider. Just buy quality spacers.
Just got a set of 1.75 from Bora awhile ago.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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