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wheel help

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here's the deal.iwas wanting to put moto metal 951's on my 2006 frontier crew cab se 4x4.i want it in 16 in but was told they wouldnt fit in my bolt pattern.i saw a company on ebay has a bolt pattern converter that would convert 6x4.5 pattern to 5x4.5 which would allow me to get the moto metals in a 16 in size.let me your thoughts on this.any help would be appreciated
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NO EBAY spacers bad idea very bad idea. and never change the number of lugs with an adapter. Most 16in wheels do not fit do to clearance issues with the front brakes. Just pop up a few sizes to a 18in wheel still plenty of sidewall on the tire for offroading and also looks good.
Way way back when I bought my Crewy, I bought a set of wheels 6X4.5, Little more offset than stock, nothing radicule mind you, then when I went to install they hit the disc mounts. I bought some spacers and I will tell ya, if you were my worst enemy, I still would not have the heart or conscious to recommend adapters & or spacers. My new wheels still sit in my garage with the spacers and my stock wheels are on my Crewy.

I have 18" moto 957s on my truck. They are a chevy bolt pattern. I have personally had no issues with spacers on my truck. With them on I have done 1600 miles of 70mph+ highway driving, who knows how many miles to and from work for 3 months now, and about 2 gas tanks worth of moderate off roading.
I did not order my spacers through ebay, nor can I tell you where I got them from, the shop that did all the work did everything for me. I have no complaints.
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